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Aldinga Beach, South Australia


Who am I? My name is Mia Humphrys my horse riding passion started when I was 6 years old starting at a small riding school and rode there for 4 years. When I was 10 years of age my father bought me my first horse Eldorado. I went on to start competing with him in jumping and had a real passion for it. I loved getting the horse all clean, prepped for the show and enjoyed the thrill of competing. 

When I turned 16 years old I got heavily into the competing. I trained and worked with successful and Olympic riders. Such as Megan Jones, Ron Patterson, Wendy Schaffer and John Patterson.  I went on to competing successfully in all disciplines showing, eventing, dressage and showjumping.  

I firstly had a horse called 'Violet Crumble' who I did showing on and every show we went to in the season we went home with champions. He was an amazing horse. But my true passion came when I found the one in a million horse Phoenix 'Mitavite Maybe' a previous 3* eventer. (Pictured left)

Phoenix had been trained by the Olympic rider Blair Richardson. Phoenix and I went on to compete up to Pre-Novice eventing. What is eventing? Is it a 3 day event with three phases Dressage, X-country and showjumping. Your horse has to be successful and fit enough in all 3. Phoenix taught me so much about the high level competing. When phoenix sadly injured himself in a paddock in 2012 I started up my own riding school. As I wanted to start teaching people how to learn to ride in a nice environment. My aim is to teach you in a correct, safe and FUN environment!

I teach all my riders to ride by their seat and body. Horses like to travel on  their own, we as riders sometimes do to much and interfere with the horse. Sometimes we need to sit back, observe the horse and allow the horse to work naturally. By using your body to steer, stop and control speed we aren't interfering with the horse. Which means happy horses and that should be your aim. We are privileged enough to ride such beautiful animals we want it to be enjoyable for the horse too. My aim for my future is to head up through my instructors course levels and be the best I can be at it. 

My qualifications to date:

- EA Intro Horse Management Certificate

- EA Intro Riding Certificate

- EA Intro & Level 1 Coaching Certificate In Progress

- Police Clearance

- Play By The Rules - Children Services Certificate

- First Aid Certificate

- 2015 Youth Recognition Award for Employment Achievement

- 2015 Certificate of Excellence - TripAdvisor

My achievements to date:
-2014 Featured on '7 news' with John Riddell with Chilli my pony for my business 
-2014 Featured on 'Wanted Down Under' a tourism site for English people wanting to migrate to Australia

- 2015 Westwood Park featured on 'SA Life'

- 2015 Westwood Park featured on 'South Aussi with Cossi'


Where did the name ‘Westwood’ come from? I had a gorgeous little horse called Westie in 2010 who taught me a lot about how to ride! This horse was the start to my love of competing.

In March 2013 I bought 10 acres in Aldinga Beach 1km from Silver Sands. It was the perfect opportunity for the business to have a set location and really flourish into something beautiful. There was only one problem – the property was very run down and not set up for horses. After alot of hard work we have now turned it into an amazing equine property with:

  • 60m x 20m Flood-lit Olympic size dressage arena
  • 10 horse stable block
  • 40 x 50m maintained grass jumping arena
  • 13 individual horse paddocks using injury proof 'Stock Guard Fencing'
  • Wash bay
  • Tack room
  • Feed room

All of our horses are equipped with specially fitted equipment that is well maintained daily. I am all about presentation which means everything is tidy and all our horses gear is matching along with myself! We have toilet facilities available for all students and a first aid kit on site