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"Naturally connecting people with horses"  


Kuitpo Forest, South Australia


Westwood Park has been in operation since 2011 after Mia’s determination to turn her life passion into a job, horses. Starting out in 2011 with a small riding school, previously operating camel rides and other fun filled horse events. Westwood has evolved into an equine re-treat for the tourist, local people or for someone who has never touched a horse.

Majority of the horses are rescue horses, off the track or untrained upon arrival to Westwood. Mia re-trains all the horses up to her high standards, some taking longer than others.  Always wanting the best for the horses and expanding her knowledge. 

Her training involving her love of Showjumping with her partner Gareth and using natural horsemanship methods. Kuitpo horses are all ridden bitless to help ensure the horses are not affected by the beginner riders. Majority of the horses you will ride are the couples performance Showjumping warmbloods and thoroughbreds who jump on the off season. 

A word from Mia - 

"Riding with us isn't like a normal trail ride, all our horses are ridden bitless which much to clients surprise is easier and kinder on our horses. Being able to have versatile horses who Showjump at a high level and on the off season take beginner riders through Kuitpo. Takes a lot of training, they need to trust us completely and finding horses with specific temperament is a priority. People love that each of our horses have their personalities and character traits which make for an enjoyable ride. Their loving natures ensures your safe and get lots of  cuddles at the end of your ride. Riding in Kuitpo for our horses in their time to relax"

On the occasion we have a extra guide help you along you ride, majority of the time you will have Mia and/or Gareth take you out on tour. All our guides have bright, bubbly and relaxed personalities. You will learn the stories behind the horses, Westwood's history, knowledge on horses you may have never known, learn about the region of your tour and some suggestions of lunch! We all have our first aid certificates, police clearances and of course public liability insurance. If your looking for a ride with a difference we hope to see you soon - Westwood Adventures