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Adelaide, South Australia


Westwood Park has been in operation since 2011 after Mia’s determination to turn her life passion into a job, horses. Starting out in 2011 with a small riding school, previously operating beach rides and other fun filled horse events. Westwood has evolved into an equine re-treat for the tourist, local people or for someone who has never touched a horse.

Majority of the horses are rescue horses or untrained upon arrival to Westwood. Mia re-trains all the horses up to her high standards, some taking longer than others.  Always wanting the best for the horses and expanding her knowledge. Mia recently starting to operate under the natural horsemanship program. Which involves connecting with your horses through observing and understanding what they are trying to communicate to you on the ground. Using leadership and connection in your groundwork, you then transfer it under saddle for a harmonious ride. All our horses are working towards being bitless.