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Adelaide, South Australia


Have you ever wanted to learn how to ride a horse? Well now you can in a safe, fun and private environment. Riding Lessons are conducted only 40 minutes from Adelaide in Mclaren Flat. Lessons are operated via by pre-booking. Your lessons are conducted in a Olympic size dressage arena. I teach all experiences levels in both dressage and jumping.

From your coach - My aim as an instructor is to teach you in a correct, safe and FUN environment! I teach all my riders to ride by their seat and body. Horses like to travel on their own, we as riders sometimes do to much and interfere with the horse. Sometimes we need to sit back, observe the horse and allow the horse to work naturally. Read more about my experience and knowledge on my website.

All of my horses are equipped with specially fitted equipment that is well maintained daily. I have my own public liability insurance and all riders are equipped with a EA approved helmet. My riding school horses are chosen very carefully to ensure relaxtion and safety when riding. Come along and enjoy the experience of learning how to ride and connect with such a beautiful animal.


*Spots available for regular weekly bookings* 

Private lesson $70.00 for 45 minute lesson

Call/Email Mia - 0435 393 969

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